Security guards

Security guard service

The ideal security company security guards Saudi company specialized security solutions and service pls civil guard we set out to provide our service in the field of private security guards and put in mind keenness on activating the vision Acharkhoohdavha

Our motto is to work professionally to provide excellent security services for others and to ensure efficient and quality along with outstanding customer service and follow-up of the quality of our services and we look forward to g to be influential partners in the field of private security services.

(Security guards security -alojhzh) and the selection of high-efficiency of human resources.

The areas of security and protection services in which we operate.

  1. the protection of individuals.
  2. protect corporate headquarters and field work sites
  3. the protection of government and private banks and banks
  4. Protection shops, stores, warehouses
  5. protection of commercial convoys and transfer of funds.
  6. Protection conferences, festivals, exhibitions and movements of delegations.
  7. protect the university and school buildings.
  8. monument and the establishment of protection and security systems
  9. the protection of Arab and foreign embassies.
  10. homes, buildings, factories, farms protection.
  11. provide security and safety consulting civil and industrial plants.
  12. Protection surrounded by electric power and oil installations and water Machar

We are committed to the ideal security company thus: -

  • that all the security men of the appropriate certificate holders or the school with the previous security experience will be outstanding. And we are committed to deadlines, with high appearance and fitness and Mtbon instructions conservatives and the confidentiality of the work.                                     
  • provide security men from Saudi citizenship only.                                     
  • provide security men in a maximum period (fifteen days) from the date of demand.                                     
  • to provide security officers and supporters of reserve in case of emergency without counting the additional costs.                                     
  • folk implementation of service and lie awake at your service, 24-hour surveillance and for 7 days a week.

And we relied on, especially in our high quality standards and principles do not allow that at least the level of service and it was the most important principles at work: -

  1. complete confidentiality (data - information - commands)                                     
  2. discipline (appointments - tasks)                                     
  3. accurate and continuous follow-up.                                     
  4. dedication to work (responsibility)                                     
  5. continuous and lasting development ..

Our work in the Security ideal company to provide the best security for Alkhaddmt own distinctiveness in high quality, efficiency and praise of God was the most important of our existing services: -

  1. secure security guard (Lilly -nhara) of public and private facilities.                                     
  2. secure guards surveillance cameras.                                     
  3. secure guards Women (women's centers - ladies' shops - concerns - weddings)                                     
  4. protection of private property (groves - residential complexes - Villas - Palaces - Warehouses - stores)                                     
  5. the protection of public property (public facilities - parks - shopping centers - State ministries - institutions - universities - institutes - associations - public companies - the streets - schools - public and private hospitals - clinics)                                     
  6. escorts Facilities (graduated - weddings - events - graduation maintain the Koran - breaks - Furnished Apartments - Hotels - Chalets - - Resorts - palaces and weddings, gyms commercial and private and public companies)                                     
  7. escorts on demand (intervention - tasks - Almhemen men advanced -hrasat Instant VIP)                                     
  8. insurance, delivery, and installation of surveillance cameras and monitoring devices and screens for follow-up at home.                                     
  9. security studies of the sites and to identify weaknesses and field studies of the place.                                     
  10. Car Insurance Supervisors, the sudden intervention in case of emergency.                                     
  11. secure surveillance cameras and alarms and Nrkebha and training them.

And also we did not forget the human cadre outstanding and efficient is the basis of our work Fmdna to pay attention to him and his training and upgrading its level to be on the level of responsibility and the most important human resources that can be provided: -

  • security guard (Lilly - diurnal)                                     
  • Musharraf security                                     
  • guards Women                                     
  • receptionist                                     
  • guards rapid intervention                                     
  • vehicular staff                                          No later than (fifteen days) from the date of the agreement

Security clearances

We are the ideal security company security guards and private civil action related to some military requirements, including the following:

  1. Jackets Alloukih against bullets import, manufacture, including half jacket chest only, including the chest, throat, shoulders and back.

    validity of the company, under the Public Security Department's decision represented by the Ministry of Interior number (82 524) importation and manufacturing of this product locally. < / li>                                     

  2. electrical detonators of all types and shapes.

    This is the product of course is an effective and fast to use a weapon like a firearm and has a very high risk envisage use therefore not entitled to any member of the security personnel carried unless the necessary training coach to carry this kind of lightning and electrical that the severity of gravity.                                     

  3. sniffer dogs trained to detect weapons, drugs and crime.

    knowledge about sniffer dogs are also considered very dangerous and can be used in many situations such as drug detection and detect crime

    , as well as to detect weapons, especially at airports Customs and border of Saudi Arabia and are imported when you need it by a formal request from the concerned authorities for this purpose and subject to a medical examination and certificate of origin for these dogs recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.                                     

  4. Metal detectors of all types of devices.

    This type of device is a gated sensitive and scanners are powered by X-ray shows if there are metals such as guns or white weapons such as daggers or small knives were or large or any metal whatever small size and shape.                                     

  5. gates of entry and exit magnetic card and cameras reveal plate number of vehicles.

    use these portals to the positions of private and public her secret private very sensitive system which allows Login Once you identify the plate number of vehicles to be entered are permanently store gigs figures to help the system the speed allocated to carry out the mission, including the hydraulic system Ground.                                     

  6. equipment for military personnel to break into the sites.

    is the import of such equipment for military personnel, which have high potential and technology dedicated to this purpose and enters where also a firearm that is needed for that.                                     

  7. helmets and shields of riot.

    This type of helmets and shields made of plastic materials customized, flexible, unbreakable and at the same time is characterized by light weight consists of a helmet and shield up long sometimes to the meter and twenty centimeter (1.20) and shoe covers Full leg against injuries to individuals as well as the stick length up to a meter and a meter and a half almost, and some of them carrying electric shock.                                     

  8. headlamp night of all kinds and forms of military lighting.

    headlamp of a special type of military use for lighting the night, including the infrared can provide military personnel freedom of movement at night without detection from the other side of this lighting color tends to green and blue. < / p>                                     

  9. mask to protect the face and respiratory tract from toxic gases.

    consists of a mask to protect the face and respiratory tract of all toxic and contaminated such as mustard gas, chemical and nerve gas and other deadly gases and sizes and multiple different forms and functions, including b gases (filter strainer) to purify inhaled air for respiratory protection for the user to this mask.                                     

  10. device to impede car traffic.

    This type is a device that is commonly used to traffic police is placed in (pliers) tires front or rear to prevent it from movement until the return of a man password for this vehicle and some of which is dedicated to the non-reverse bearing teeth glide forward-only The tire damage in the case of the opposite direction of travel of the vehicle.                                     

  11. early warning anti-theft systems.

    The system works by electronic software is very delicate used for banks, warehouses, gates and back entrances and exits of offices and buildings and residential hotels, furnished apartments, which is placed at the bottom of the vehicles to protect them from theft, detection and knowledge of its location and monitor the satellite and determine the location and speed of also in any location on the globe and you can see also the time of parking and exit of the vehicle from the main road and this is thanks to the sensitivity of the system provider for this device and by high-precision electromagnetic pulses.                                     

  12. security surveillance and CCTV cameras.

    TV system ultra-fine may pose safety and security of all facilities and private property and the public to know the full details of the incidents that man can not be seen with the naked eye under crisping This system can follow everything that is happening to your home or the headquarters of your business and your facility remotely through the Internet and enjoy recording system up to two months, including what is invisible and the same quality and technical superior of them running (zoom) long-term up to more than 2,000 meters, a work for the following diurnal.                                     

  13. devices to break up the clashes and dispersed (collective speculation).

    enters the system this tear gas appliances tears and shortness of breath in some cases and hoses warm water to make it easier disengagement quickly and without casualties.                                     

  14. handcuffs and feet (handcuffs).

    used to prevent detainees and defendants in cases to make it easier for security personnel not to drop or escape and in the case of prisoners being transferred from one location to another.                                     

  15. military binoculars night infrared (Aldrbel).

    to be able competent to detect and knowledge surrounding the by-night sites entities and can not detect the perspectives of those anti-excellence very high-tech system infrared, making it gives users the freedom of detection sites in detail completely.

  16. import of equipment and devices for the reproduction of the keys and entering in its kinds.

    of keen public security and not to tamper with the property of others competent authorities have decided not to import the devices and equipment for non-corporate licensed its institutions so as to enable the Security of cloning monitor or printed keys unless licensed for this purpose.                                     

  17. mirrors devices for the inspection of vehicles from the bottom.

    This system allows customs officials and stakeholders from the vehicles inspection from the bottom with ease and there is this device signals to wireless to provide the Computer of collecting information which requires knowledge of the competent authorities and in a few seconds. < / p>                                     

  18. weapons processing and enters in its judgment of all kinds.

    requires military bodies processed the required weapons and the equipment according to types of weapons to be processed may be a weapon of the type of light may be kind of heavy and has a special need such authorities have specifications.                                     

  19. barbed diverse wire to protect the sites from Skip.

    This barbed wire many kinds of which is placed on the ground and it is placed on the walls to reduce Skip them also have radiant high power and voltage electric current was needed here to this case guiding plates not to approach to a distance not less than 10 meters (yards) provision for the safety of passers-by of the risk of higher power supply voltage power may be fatal in a short time is so very mention Hnha.                                     

  20. ropes and rings climbing for military drills of all kinds and forms.

    usually reserved this chords for training and increasing the strength and experience of the military including what is more ladders to climb up and down, including what constitutes a top window of the train.                                     

  21. nets military camouflage of all types and shapes.

    These nets are very necessary to disguise and hide military equipment such as, for example (armored vehicles / armor / tanks / armored personnel carriers / and armored personnel carriers / back) a different colors according to the valleys and deserts mountain sites. < / p>                                     

  22. devices for the detection of drugs of all kinds and shapes.

    These devices have a high quality and infrared and system Computer very complex where it enters in a very sensitive system up to the point tracked the smell of these drugs to detect dens that hidden them.                                     

  23. Training equipment to assist in the military training of all kinds.

    needs coaches sometimes to some devices to assist them in the training of soldiers and military personnel on some required of them tasks to mastery and knowledge of personnel duties entrusted to them are assistant coaches.                                     

  24. devices for the detection of bags and packages such as airports and customs of all types and shapes.

    sophisticated equipment operating infrared precision and sensitivity to detect the parcels and bags for travelers and for the protection of civil aircraft mission to transport passengers as well as detect the entry of some contraband that are attended by stakeholders security.